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TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION – Play harder and longer.

Designed in collaboration with osteopaths, physiotherapists and professional athletes, ACTIVE TENSE® is the only line of sportswear to feature a flexible exoskeleton embedded in each garment. Active Tense® was inspired by kinesiology taping to provide exceptional joint and muscle stabilization during exercise; allowing athletes to improve balance and alignment while avoiding potentially harmful motions. The unique biodynamic design of Active Tense® offers more than just compression. It delivers better biomechanics using a unique taping system which supports and stabilizes muscles and joints while maintaining full range of motion. The gentle tension to muscles and joints naturally aligns body posture and path of motion to reducing pain, help avoid injury and enhancing performance. Each garment  is designed for rapid sweat dispersion and effective ventilation to keep the body dry and comfortable. Active Tense® is 100% Made in Italy and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified to guarantee the highest safety and quality standards.

TI-ENERGY: THE NEW ANTI-VIRAL* FABRIC  – Erreà research and development team created Ti-Energy, the new antiviral* fabric representing the latest state-of-the-art in advanced polymers and nanotechnologies. This truly important achievement in the world of fabrics is made possible through two separate technologies: the zinc oxide nanoparticles, permanently encapsulated in the fibers, which have antiviral* and antimicrobial properties, together with the Minusnine J1+ treatment which makes the fabric super-impermeable to liquids. This dual action allows the fabric to form an effective protective barrier against droplets, liquids, bacteria and viruses. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, Ti-energy will also be available to all sports clubs that want to use it to enhance the safety of their athletes. *Tests performed in accordance with ISO 18184 using the SARS-CoV-2 virus, have proved that in the laboratory, Ti-energy®3.0 can reduce the viral load by 99.85% compared to a standard polyester fabric six hours after coming into contact with the virus.

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