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“Kimberly,  I met you at the Vegas Shoot and purchased one of your Active Tense shirts. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with it . I bought it right before I shot my round and shot better than I did all weekend.  Before I purchased the shirt my shoulder was somewhat sore but after I put the shirt on my shoulder felt strong and I was able torelax into my shot. Thank you for the product.  I am sure that I will be recommending your shirt to everyone.”  Jason Coleman – Vegas Shoot competitor

“Art of Sports was patient with our process. They took the time to help us make the right choice for our team. This was our third warm-up vendor and we are very pleased with the outcome.”  Jen Oldham – Forge Fencing

“When our fencing academy was growing and in need of apparel and guidance, Kim was there for us.  She was willing to teach us about the different options we had so that we could make the decision that was best for us.  Throughout the entire process, she was transparent about how things were progressing and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure our uniforms came out exactly how we wanted.  We couldn’t be happier!”  Darren Manchen – Manchen Academy of Fencing


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